Application sectors

SN Systems has been manufacturing, distributing and installing retail and hospitality solutions and products for over 25 years. In particular, we are highly specialized suppliers of cash systems, we offer coin drawers, ergonomic supports for payment terminals and Self Order Kiosk.

Suitable for multiple areas of application, our products are ideal for commercial or hospitality businesses that need to automate and simplify checkout processes, with particular attention to safety and design.

Quality and reliability for your business

SN System products are designed to guarantee high quality standards and to offer:

  • Technology;
  • Reliability;
  • Ergonomics.

The application sectors of our solutions embrace all commercial activities open to the public, which manage payment flows: from pharmacies to large-scale distribution chains, from clothing stores to bars, restaurants and bakeries, from hotels to exhibition areas and fuel areas.

The right product for your business

Thanks to a team of specialized engineers, we can offer a consultancy service to identify the most appropriate and suitable solutions, regarding the size and specific needs of the individual activities.

Together with the customer, we identify, for example, the supports for terminals or cash drawers that are most suitable for the size and type of business. Furthermore, we respond to the needs of our customers by providing highly customizable solutions, in size, colors and configurations.

Find out how our products can improve the service quality of your business: