Arm Peripheral 150+300 mm

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Thanks to the experience gained over many years in the industry, SN Retail Pole offers products and solutions for all commercial activities. We are specialised in ergonomic supports for POS payment terminals in the Retail, Hospitality, Franchising and GDO sectors, and we guarantee high-quality products.

The entire production process is developed internally in compliance with the highest quality standards. In addition, each Retail Pole solution is fully customizable to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Extension arm peripheral with adjustable length installable on SNS-P# series products for hardware installation

• Product Code: SNS-A#150+300
• Length extension from the main pole 150mm to 290mm
• Adjustable arm holder for mounting SNS#PRINTER, SNS#PINPAD, SNS-B#1, SNS-B#2 on the main pole SNS-P#
• Inside cable management
• Rotation adjustable on the pole at 360°
• Color: Black, White, (#RAL customizable)
• Material: Steel FE360, ABS Plastic
• Max weight: 8.0 Kg

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