Payment Stand Wall Mount

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POS payment terminal holder Swivel and tilting to maximize the life of your credit card POS payment terminals by minimizing cable damage and avoiding tampering with the payment terminal for criminal purposes. POS payment terminal support ATMs allows you to install the payment terminal on a professional and ergonomic housing. The electronic payment operations will be carried out by the customer in total autonomy without any contact with the operator. SNS-L#90 is the perfect universal solution for mounting the payment devices on the wall, checkout and SCO.

  • Product code: SNS-L#90
  • Dimension: 105L x  x 185H (mm)

  • Plate holder for Ingenico, VeriFone, PAX, myPOS, customizable solution
  • Color: Black
  • Swivel rotation: + 180 ° -180 °
  • Payment Terminal Tilt: + 150 ° -150 °
  • Cable management to minimize damage to cables
  • Screws mounting kit incl. and 3M adhesive tape
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