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Products and solutions to optimize payments in sales points

We offer specialized solutions for cash systems, such as all-in-one PC POS, coin drawers, ergonomic supports for payment terminals and self-order kiosks.

The experience and seriousness gained in over 25 years make us a reliable partner, with a complete offer of high quality solutions and products for the Retail, GDO and Hospitality sectors.

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Cash Drawers configurations
Weeks of production
Cash Drawers A complete range of coin drawers suitable for all types of cash registers. Made of robust materials, all our drawers are tested to make sure they withstand intensive use. Find out more
Kiosk Self Order Our Kiosk Self solutions are designed to offer an interactive experience: equipped with touchscreen monitor, POS and integrated fiscal printer, they are ideal for all booking, ordering and payment operations. Find out more
Retail Pole Retail Pole is the unit specialized in the production of ergonomic supports for POS payment terminals for all commercial activities in the Retail, Hospitality and GDO sectors. We guarantee high quality and 100% customizable products. Find out more
Pos Tablet Enclosure We deliver universal metal supports for tablet solutions at the cash point, guaranteeing ergonomic use and a clear view of the display. Find out more
Retail Main franchising chains and retailers operating both in Italy and in the international market have chosen us. Offering professional hardware technology solutions that best interpret market trends and provide excellent performance. Find out more
Supermarkets and GDO Cash systems for secure, simple and fast payments. Organize the checkout points in the name of efficiency. We deliver technological and highly customizable solutions which adapt to the layout and design of the chain, and systems to manage cash collection or payments via POS. Find out more
Hospitality The technology that improves customer satisfaction. Discover our technological and ergonomic solutions to make the cash point functional and reduce margins of error, thanks to systems for automating and optimizing payments even on the move, with handy PDAs. Find out more
Fashion & Apparel Hardware solutions for the Fashion sector Digital solutions for Fashion and Apparel for the most futuristic on site customer experience. Find out more

Our Production Process

In detail the steps to get to provide ad hoc products and solutions EFT POS Card Reader Payment Terminal solutions for any customers in the Retail, Hospitality, Bars, Restaurants and Hotel sector, ensuring high quality products, we are also able to offer OEM products for any need that the market and customers submit to us.


We are partners of our customers. Every SN Retail Pole solution is 100% customisable. Thanks to our specialized team we will be able to offer you specialized consultancy in order to make your workplace more ergonomic and productive.


We focus on the customer in all our processes. All the design and development phases are entirely developed internally by SN Retail Pole, which uses a team of specialized engineers to offer you the best ergonomic solutions for your EFT POS Card Reader Payment Terminal.


All the products sold by SN Retail Pole guarantee the highest quality standards. The internal production process is developed in-house and we try to offer the fastest delivery times for our customers.


Our commitment is to guarantee the best delivery times for any type of configuration. The success of our customers is a goal of our company.


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