How to choose a cash drawer

If you manage a business, be it a shop, a bar, or a restaurant, the cash drawer is a necessary and complementary device to the cash register for managing cash payments. Numerous models are available on the market, which differ in size, materials and functionality. But how to choose the cash drawer that best suits your needs? Let’s try to

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How to validate the Green Pass? The rules for managers

From 6 August, the new rules will come into force to regulate access for some activities open to the public, where entry will only be allowed to people in possession of a Green Pass. What changes for managers? How to validate the Green Pass and which rules must be respected? Here is a brief guide for the managers of the

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5 good reasons to use POS payment terminal support

Inside a shop, counter space must be organized so that it is really efficient. With the exception of the cash register, which tends to be installed in a fixed position, all the other hardware components such as laptops, displays, POS payment terminals are simply placed, together with any other stationery accessories or personal devices, with a large tangle of cables

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Tablet placement inside the store with a universal support

Technology is a strategic tool for improving the customer experience within the store. Today, in fact, interactive displays and tablets support staff in the retail process, informing, entertaining and retaining end consumers. At the same time, however, the problem arose of how to place the devices inside the store, for safe and effective use.   Why place a tablet in

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