EuroCIS 2024 the most important annual event for the retail sector! Come to visit us H9/D45

EuroCIS 2024 is back, the most important annual event for the retail sector, and, as every year, SN Systems will be part of the exhibitors’ list, Hall 9 D45 !

EuroCIS is a moment of great excitement for us and for those seeking innovation: imagine a center showcasing the latest retail technology innovations, where experts and visionaries propose cutting-edge solutions for the challenges of the present and future. This is EuroCIS! It’s not just an event; it’s a strategic platform that sets the pace for the future of retail.

Participating in EuroCIS 2024 is an unmissable networking opportunity. Attend workshops, engage with other industry leaders, create connections, and collaborate to redefine the trajectory of agencies projected into the future. EuroCIS is a treasure trove of innovation. Revolutionary technologies, ranging from AI-based retail analysis to the latest developments in tools to enhance the customer experience. All demonstrated in person, to touch those that seem like impossible ideas!

Take advantage of the opportunity to acquire valuable knowledge or observe visionary strategies that can guide old and new retail competitors to the best offering, an unprecedented experience. Like SN Systems, we can’t wait!

So, from February 27 to 29, we look forward to seeing you all at EuroCIS 2024, at our booth located in Hall 9 booth D45.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get to know us and have a preview of what the future of retail will be!