Self-service kiosk in supermarkets: food allergens and queue management

Personalisation of information:Self-service kiosk in supermarkets: food allergens and queue management system


Technological innovation has transformed supermarket information management. One popular option is self-order kiosks, allowing customers to access allergen food informations and manage services efficiently. This article explores how self-order kiosks improve allergen management and enhance customer satisfaction.

  • Accessible Food allergen information:

The use of self-order kiosks allows supermarkets to offer customers easy access to food allergen information. Customers can interact with the kiosk, select the product of interest and view all the allergen information associated with it. This allows people with food allergies or intolerances to make informed shopping decisions, enhancing their shopping experience.

  • Personalisation of information:

Self-order kiosks allow for customisation of allergen information according to specific customer needs. Through the use of data collected on shoppers’ profiles, kiosks can display customised alerts and recommendations, suggesting allergen-free alternatives or offering recipes and suggestions adapted to each individual’s dietary needs. This contributes to a more inclusive and personalised shopping experience.

  • Efficient Queue management systems:

In addition to allergen information, self-order kiosks can also simplify number management for services offered in supermarkets, such as online order pick-up or customer service. Customers can use kiosks to take a number and monitor their progress in the queue, avoiding long waits and improving the overall efficiency of the service.

  • Reducing errors and improving the experience:

The use of self order kiosks reduces the possibility of errors in handling allergen information and number management. Information is provided clearly and accurately, minimising the possibility of misunderstandings or confusion in the queue. This results in a better overall experience for customers, who feel more confident and supported during the purchasing process.

  • Business benefits:

The implementation of self-order kiosks in supermarkets can bring numerous business benefits. In addition to improving the customer experience, kiosks enable the collection of valuable data on shopper preferences and consumption trends, which can be used to optimise product and service offerings. In addition, automation of information and number management processes can reduce operating costs and improve overall supermarket efficiency.

Investing in these technology solutions can lead to positive results for both customers and the success of your supermarket.

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