The cash point technology that improves customer satisfaction in the Hospitality industry.

Modular and ergonomic solutions for the Hospitality industry

Serving food and drinks to customers requires precision and service must be speedy. Furthermore, guaranteeing high standards of quality and safety is vital. Consequently, SN Systems offers Hospitality workers, including those in bars, restaurants and bakeries, a wide range of modular and ergonomic solutions to make the cash point functional and up to customer expectations.

Our cutting-edge technology responds to the needs dictated by the digitization of the industry, with solutions for automating and optimizing payments, even on the move, near the cash point.

In addition, because of the pandemic, we have added to our offer a line of Covid-19 protective barriers against viruses and bacteria, as well as gel dispensers which can be mounted to the wall or installed on the floor.

Restaurants: safe and fast payment and order management

The cash point of a restaurant needs to be a space that is tidy and extremely functional in order to facilitate customer payments at the end of the meal.

SN Systems offers highly customizable solutions to manage payments. For example, the range of Android PDAs allows the staff to keep track of orders by connecting directly to the cash management system via Wi-Fi, thus reducing errors and waiting times.

Also, PC POS stations with integrated touchscreen monitors allow quick payment management with an all-in-one solution, which is easy to use and elegantly designed to add a touch of style to the location. Last but not least, it is possible to install thermal printers resistant to water, dust and oil in the kitchen too, together with a monitor to view orders, even when the available space is limited.

Bars, cafes and pubs: fast and automated payments

To efficiently manage orders and payments at the table or at the counter, a place must have the right technology that reduces the margin of error and increases the speed of operations. This would also be beneficial to avoid annoying queues near the cash point.

The line of Android handhelds, together with ergonomic and space-saving POS stations, allows you to optimize the counter area and streamline checkout operations, without losing any order.

Finally, the thermal printers, resistant to water, oil and dust and also available in Wi-Fi option, have a compact and extremely functional design.

Bakeries: fast payment management

The counter of a bakery needs to be an extremely organized area to guarantee great customer service. This is why the cash point must be an ergonomic and compact space, where payments can be made quickly and safely.

The modular solutions by SN Systems allow you to create workstations complete with all accessories, from touchscreen monitors to terminals for POS payments (Ingenico, Verifone, PAX, Bancomat, MyPos), to coin drawers and thermal printers resistant to water, oil and dust.

Since all the solutions are customizable, it is possible to adapt supports and accessories according to the space available in the store, optimizing both the cash point and payment operations.

Renew your business with SN Systems quality service

SN Systems offers a top-quality service, starting with a preliminary analysis conducted side-by-side with the customer to identify the most suitable products for every business needs.

Once the right products have been identified, installation times are quick. Thanks to the wide range of customization possibilities for every solution, the final result is always satisfying and meets the high quality standards required. Finally, our assistance team is always available to provide prompt support in case of issues.