Cash systems for secure, simple and fast payments in supermarkets and Large Retail Chains.

Organize checkout points in supermarket in the name of efficiency

The customer journey in a supermarket always ends with the arrival at the cashier where the payment has to be completed. At this stage, the products are registered for purchase, and the customer pays using their preferred method then collects their shopping.

Therefore it is important that the payment process is easy, quick and safe, both customer and cashier wise.

To clients from the large-scale retail channel, SN Systems offers technological and highly customizable solutions which adapt to the layout and design of the chain, as well as solutions to manage cash collection or POS payments.

SN Systems lines for managing payments in Large Retail Chains

For cash desks, in addition to coin drawers in various sizes and dimensions, we provide solutions for POS housing, product barcode readers, touchscreen monitors, as well as ergonomic supports for tablets, extension and articulated arms, banknote detectors. As for receipts, our thermal printers, also available in Wi-Fi version, are compact and efficient, and they come with a plastic structure resistant to water, dust and oil.

For self-checkouts, we have designed a Kiosk SCO digital solution that combines hardware with an extremely versatile Xhockware SW Smart Checkout platform. It comes with a device-independent graphic interface for appropriate customization.

In addition, because of the pandemic, we have added to our offer a line of anti-Covid 19 protective barriers, against viruses and bacteria, as well as gel dispensers.

Renew supermarkets and stores with SN Systems quality service

SN Systems offers a top-quality service, starting with a preliminary analysis conducted side-by-side with the customer to identify the most appropriate products to meet each business needs.

Once the right products have been identified, installation times are quick. Thanks to the wide range of customization possibilities for each solution, the final result is always satisfying and meets the high quality standards required. Finally, our assistance team is always available to give prompt support in case of problems.