Fast and secure payment flows in fuel areas.

Optimize the checkout point of petrol stations and fuel areas

Users of petrol stations need to refuel their vehicles during short but effective stops. At fuel areas they expect to have access to both a served service and a self-service mode as their need is to avoid queues and make payments safely and quickly.

SN Systems offers modular solutions and ergonomic supports to make the cashpoint extremely functional, so as to streamline the payment process. Our catalogue includes POS payment terminals (Ingenico, Verifone, PAX, Bancomat, MyPos), RT Fiscal Printers, TouchScreen Monitor devices, coin drawers, and many other accessories which allows you to have an ergonomic, compact and safe cashpoint.

In addition, to face the pandemic, we have recently added to our offer the line of Covid-19 protective barriers, effective against viruses and bacteria, as well as gel dispensers to be placed on the wall or on a stand.

More efficient and functional refreshment areas

For fuel areas that also offer a bar and refreshment service, the solutions proposed by SN Systems are ideal to make the cashpoint safe and functional. For example, our PC POS stations, with an integrated touchscreen monitor, not only allow quick payment management with an all-in-one solution, but are also easy to use and come in a compact design. Moreover, even when the available space is limited it is possible to install thermal printers resistant to water, dust and oil in the kitchen, together with a monitor for viewing orders.

A self-order and payment solution that can be mounted to the wall or on the floor, allows you to provide customers with an interactive and safe experience, active 24 hours a day.

Upgrade your fuel area with a reliable partner

SN Systems offers a top-quality service, starting with a preliminary analysis conducted side-by-side with the client to identify the most suitable products for every business needs. Once the right products have been identified, installation times are quick.

Thanks to the wide range of customization possibilities for every solution, the final result is always satisfying and meets the high quality standards required. Finally, our assistance team is always available to give prompt support in case of issues.