Cash Drawer For All Kind Of Currency

There is no currency we can not handle – guaranteed with our cash drawers. In the last 10 years our cash drawers have seen a few of currencies come and go – and we are still here. Our configuration of cash drawers can securely handle all of the currencies in the world.

The best technological products for the point of sale.

Technological solutions and ergonomic supports for the management of payments

With more than 25 years of experience in the Italian and international market, SN Systems is a company specialized in the production, sale and installation of coin drawers, ergonomic supports and self-order kiosks. The experience and reliability gained over time make us a trustworthy partner, with a complete offer of high quality solutions and products.

Our mission

Customer satisfaction is our priority and we offer customizable products and solutions for any commercial organisation in the Retail, Hospitality and GDO sectors, guaranteeing high quality standards.

Specialization and reliability of our teams

The main unit of the company deals with the production of coin drawers for cash registers. Our experience and technological know-how allow us to deliver high quality coin drawers to the market:

  • The frame and the sliding guides of all the drawer lines are made of sturdy steel, with customizable interiors in ABS;
  • The coin drawers are available in the versions with manual opening with 3-position lock, or automatic with opening solenoid, 6, 12, 18 or 24 Volt.

All our coin drawers can fit with any brand of cash register or fiscal printer.

Within SN Systems, a second department is specialized in the distribution of hardware products for the Retail, GDO and Hospitality market. Among these: Pc Pos ALL-in-ONE, Touch screen monitors, handheld commands, thermal kitchen printers and additional hardware dedicated to the completion of the cash system for the automation of any shop and point of sale.

Retail Pole: the new division specializing in ergonomic supports

Since 2015 we have introduced a new Retail Pole® division specialized in the production of supports for payment terminals and ergonomic solutions for the cash point.

All the products in our range are carefully selected to guarantee a high level of quality and reliability. The hardware features and the modern and functional design make our solutions an adequate response to the needs of a dynamic and constantly changing market.

SN Systems is a very dynamic company with four main BU, the first is the historical one and was the start of the company 25 years ago and is incarged to produce and sell all around the world the full portfolio of cash drawer and poles with two plant dedicated.

The second BU is specialized in distribution of hardware products for the Retail, GDO and Hospitality market, dedicated to the completion of cash systems for the automation of any point of sale.

Since 2018 we have introduced a new Kiosk and SCO division specialized in the realization and production a full portfolio Kiosk and self service solution for Hospitality and GDO.

What we stand for?


With many years of experience we are a reliable and strong partner to our clients all over the world.


The quality standards of European products is what we believe in. We are using the best possible resources to produce a product that fits to your needs and last even longer.


Time is money. We deliver cash drawers and POS payment systems for your money in time. With only 3 weeks from initial order to delivery we are the fastest company in our industry.


We produce custom tailored cash drawers and stands for payments systems just made for your needs. Anything you need, any quantity, anywhere in the world.