Ergonomics and safety during checkout operations in hotels.

An elegant cashpoint for fast and secure payments

SN Systems offers ergonomic supports and versatile accessories to make the reception desk an organized and optimized area where payments can be completed safely and quickly.

From ergonomic supports for POS (Ingenico, Verifone, PAX, Bancomat, MyPos) to touchscreen monitors and supports for tablets and thermal printers, the workstations can be customized optimising every inch.

For cash management, we offer drawers of various shapes and sizes, as well as banknote detectors.

In addition, because of the pandemic, we have added to our catalogue a line of Covid-19 protective barriers against viruses and bacteria, as well as gel dispensers.

Technologies and digital solutions to improve payments

To improve checkout and payment processes, it is now essential to have the right hardware technology that meets the needs of speed and mobility. The range of Android handhelds, for example, allows the staff to collect orders and requests from guests by connecting directly to the hotel management system via Wi-Fi.

Appropriately reinforced to avoid damage in the case of falls or bumps, handhelds are extremely useful tools to make every process more efficient and faster, as well as to speed up checkout operations, while reducing the margin of error.

For structures that also offer bar and/or restaurant service, it is also possible to install thermal kitchen printers, resistant to water, dust and oil, and a monitor for viewing orders, even when space is limited.

Renew your hotel with SN Systems quality service

SN Systems offers a top-quality service, starting with a preliminary analysis conducted side-by-side with the client to identify the most suitable products for every business needs.

Once the right products have been identified, installation times are quick. Thanks to the wide range of customization possibilities for every solution, the final result is always satisfying and meets the high quality standards required.

Finally, our assistance team is always available to provide prompt support in case of issues.