Ergonomic and modular checkout solutions to optimize the customer experience in the retail store.

Ergonomic and safe checkout points

In the retail industry, the relationship with the customer is essential to guarantee a pleasant shopping experience. The more satisfied the customer is, the more likely they are to return to the store again in the future.

The payment situation, in particular, represents the peak of the purchase process and therefore has to be managed quickly, safely and smoothly.

SN Systems offers to the retail industry, whether it is independent stores or franchised chains, solutions to make the cash point a tidy, functional and ergonomic area.

From terminal supports for standard POS payments (Ingenico, Verifone, PAX, Bancomat, MyPos), to drawers of various shapes and sizes, the cash point is completed by touchscreen displays, thermal printers resistant to dust and water, barcode readers and many other accessories.

We provide professionally designed hardware technology that adapts to the space available to make the cash point ergonomic, compact and safe.

Technology and accessories to improve the shopping experience

SN Systems has designed its solutions not only to streamline and optimize the payment process, but also to improve the customer experience in stores.

The advantages:

  • Compact dimensions and a customizable configuration of the checkout point, which allows to make a better use of the counter space and to be able to display products and goods
  • Tablet mounts and small monitors, which can be strategically positioned in the store to provide product information to customers, advertise promotions or take advantage of cross-selling opportunities.

In addition, because of the pandemic, we have added to our offer a line of anti-Covid 19 protective barriers against viruses and bacteria, as well as gel dispensers which can be mounted to the wall or on a mobile stand.

Renew your shop with SN Systems quality service

SN Systems offers a top-quality service, starting with a preliminary analysis conducted side-by-side with the client to identify the most appropriate products which meets each business needs.

Once the right products have been identified, installation times are quick. Thanks to the wide possibilities of customization for every solution, the final result is always satisfying and meets the high quality standards required. Finally, our assistance team is always available to give prompt support in case of problems.