How to choose a cash drawer

If you manage a business, be it a shop, a bar, or a restaurant, the cash drawer is a necessary and complementary device to the cash register for managing cash payments.

Numerous models are available on the market, which differ in size, materials and functionality. But how to choose the cash drawer that best suits your needs? Let’s try to answer that.

The characteristics of a good cash drawer

Not all cash drawers are the same and it is important to choose a product that meets certain quality standards.

In addition to reflecting the specific needs of the cash desk of your business, a first parameter to consider is resistance. We are speaking, in fact, of a device with particularly intensive use, which must therefore be designed with tested and resistant materials and mechanisms.

Basically, an excellent cash drawer has the following characteristics:

  • Security: both automatic and manual opening mechanisms are designed to keep cash safe, minimizing the risk of tampering.
  • Convenience: the drawer must adapt to the design of the cash point and reflect the specific needs of the commercial activity. It is therefore necessary to carefully evaluate the most suitable shape and size.
  • Functionality: in addition to the main opening and closing function, it is also useful to consider the internal accessories and the division of spaces for coins and banknotes.
  • Dimensions: variety of sizes thought to meet each need. From the mini cash drawer 25X32, designed for small spaces and little use of cash, to the small cash drawer 33X33 Baby, passing through the medium cash drawer 37×40 D3 (the most common on the Italian market for shops and restaurants) and the 41×41 cash drawer most used by large chains and retailers. The FlipTop cash drawer, designed to facilitate the operations of those who work at the checkout in supermarkets, thanks to its strategic position, also deserves a special mention.

SN Systems cash drawers: quality, reliability and customization


For over 25 years, SN Systems has been producing high quality cash drawers, choosing resistant materials and favoring a practical and functional design. The wide range in the catalog aims to respond to the specificity of a constantly evolving retail market.

For example, our standard line includes cash drawers suitable for any type of cash register, in different sizes: from the compact 33×33 baby model, up to the 46×46 drawer, equipped with cable guides.

The cash drawers of the Flip Top line, on the other hand, are designed for intensive use, as occurs in supermarkets or fast food restaurants, with a rounded lid, or in stainless steel.

For those who do not want to give up quality and performance, we offer the drawers of the Slide line, with automatic opening and equipped with telescopic ball guides, such as the SN 41X41 EPSON model.

Finally, the Cups line is ideal for those who manage large quantities of coins, as they allow easy removal of the cups for counting cash.

SN Systems cash drawers are built in sturdy metal and stainless steel and can be customized in size and colors.

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