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The POS payment terminal support plate is designed to provide a stable and secure support for the POS terminal within the retail environment. It is important to note that we have developed specific plates for each model of payment terminal, ensuring perfect adaptability and compatibility. This customized approach ensures that each plate is specifically designed to accommodate the corresponding terminal, ensuring secure mounting and seamless integration into the retail environment. Plates holders can be installed on SNS-A# and SNS-L# products.

  • Product Code: SNS#PINPAD + (POS model code)
  • Tilt: +10° / -50°
  • Rotation: +180° / -180°
  • Color: Black, White, (customizable #RAL)
  • Material: Steel FE360, ABS Plastic


  • Ingenico
  • Verifone
  • PAX
  • MyPOS
  • Customizable solution
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