Retail tablet stand enclosure: Pro or Universal?

The tablet is a particularly versatile digital device, increasingly used in retail stores or restaurant businesses.

Depending on the type of use, it is important that the tablet is positioned correctly and in total safety. Here is an overview of the retail tablet stands available in our catalog.


Tablet stand at the point of sale: is it really useful?

The tablet is a very interesting tool for the retail world since, in addition to having the typical features of a smartphone, the larger screen size allows the device to be used for different uses. For example, it can be used to show customers unexposed merchandise or available variants; can be used as a small screen for shooting videos and promotional content; in the restaurant business it can be made available to customers for orders; finally, it can act as a touch-screen in the cash point and provide the functionality of a standard E-POS Cash Register.

Although a tablet can simply be placed on a flat surface, thanks to folding supports or covers, in commercial businesses or places open to the public, it is also important that the devices are fixed on a professional stand.

The reasons are essentially two:

  • Safety: The tablet stand is stable and prevents the device from falling or being damaged, for the safety of employees and customers. Furthermore, the retail stand is designed to combine with the appropriate padlocks to avoid theft and tampering.
  • Ergonomics: especially when the tablet is installed at the checkout point, a professional stand allows an ideal inclination, as well as the ability to rotate the device according to the operator’s needs.


Choosing the right stand: Universal or PRO stand?

All SN Systems retail stand tablet enclosure models are produced with resistant and durable material, easily installed with screws, or with the practical 3M adhesive.

We offer two product lines: the Universal stand range and the PRO range. Here is a brief description of both to help you make your choice.

  • Universal range:

These are tablet stands compatible with most of the models offered on the market, from 8 to 14 inches

The main advantage of the Universal range is precisely the compatibility with different device models and the versatility of use within the store.

  • PRO range:

The PRO range consists of numerous tablet stand models, to meet the specific needs of use in the point of sale and provide highest quality and safety standard level.

The design station model, for example, is designed for a clean and essential cash point, as is the POS Station – iStand.

For organized and compact checkout points, we offer the All-in-One model, which includes housing for the printer and a second customer-oriented tablet. Similarly, the multifunctional support allows the tablet, printer, barcode reader and a second tablet oriented towards the customer to be housed in a small space.


For the exhibition areas, on the other hand, we propose the Tablet Stand Desk Station, which can be installed on the table and with tilt and rotation functions, the model that can be installed on the wall, or the Terra-floor model, interesting for those who need to often change the location of the tablet inside or outside the store.

Designed for dynamic catering environments, we offer the Tablet display model, ideal for managing orders, or the Delivery station model, which allows the management of multiple platforms at the same time, for example for the delivery of orders.


All SN Systems products are highly customizable as needed. Do not hesitate to contact us to find the most suitable solution for your business.