Pin Pad Payment for H&M Italy

Implementation of 1500 POS Supports for Payment Terminals at H&M Italy

H&M aimed to enhance the payment experience in all its stores by implementing more convenient and faster solutions to reduce waiting times. In collaboration with Fujitsu, we provided 1500 ergonomic supports for electronic payment terminals.

We designed the supports, which seamlessly integrated with H&M’s existing cash system. The outcomes included a significant reduction in waiting times, an increase in customer satisfaction, and improved operational efficiency.

SN Systems Solution

The SNS-L#90 ergonomic payment support, proposed as a custom wall-mounted solution, played a crucial role in optimizing payment operations in stores and enhancing the overall customer experience. The support was tailored to specific customer measurements.


The implementation of 1500 payment terminal supports led to several positive outcomes:

  • Reduction in Waiting Time
  • Increase in Customer Satisfaction
  • Greater Operational Efficiency