5 good reasons to use POS payment terminal support

Inside a shop, counter space must be organized so that it is really efficient.

With the exception of the cash register, which tends to be installed in a fixed position, all the other hardware components such as laptops, displays, POS payment terminals are simply placed, together with any other stationery accessories or personal devices, with a large tangle of cables and a continuous moving of objects during the payment, cleaning or tidying operations.

Why you should install an ergonomic support for the POS

In particular, the POS payment terminal is often moved to allow the customer to carry out cash transactions. However, with the advent of contactless payments and new security measures for people’s health, deciding to install an ergonomic support can prove to be a winning choice. In this article we will give you five reasons to choose a safer and decidedly practical solution.

Contactless payment transactions

According to a research on the habits of Italians, the use of credit, debit or contactless ATM cards, in the last year, has increased by 29%, leaping to the top among the preferred methods of payment. The health emergency has certainly contributed to the growth of this trend on the part of consumers, but also for shop assistants, avoiding contact with customer cards is an additional guarantee of security.

An ergonomic support for the POS terminal allows you to install the device so that it can be used without direct contact: the customer can independently carry out the payment operations with their card.

An organized and functional bench

The counter and, in particular, the cash point is the place where the relationship with the customer is cultivated at the crucial moment of the sale. Long waits and technical problems can create discomfort and leave a bad memory of the instore experience.

On the contrary, a tidy, clean counter, with no visible cables and organized to carry out fast and safe payment procedures is always an excellent business card.

Ergonomics and practicality for simple and fast payment transactions

SN Systems POS Payment Terminal Holders are designed for practical and intensive use. The 180 ° rotation function, as well as the possibilities to tilt the device, make the stand ergonomic and easy to use. The handle positioned in the lower part of the support surface of the terminal represents an additional feature to support extreme usability and comfort.


Placing the POS payment terminal on a professional support minimizes the possibility of damage caused by accidental bumps and falls. In addition, the risk of terminal tampering is reduced. All our supports are prepared with a kensington hole for the padlock.

Customization and ease of installation

Last, but not least, SN Systems directly manufactures POS payment terminal mounts with extensive customization possibilities and bespoke installations.

In addition, our stands are assembled quickly, literally in 5 minutes, without the need for interventions or structural changes to the counter.

Do not you believe it? Watch the video:

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