Main Pole 120H (mm) Ø 38 – NEW

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Main support base with a diameter of 38 mm for the installation of hardware supports, part of the product series SNS#PINPAD, SNS#PRINTER, SNS#B1. Installation on a table using a screw kit or a specific 3M adhesive.

  • Product Code: SNS-L#12
  • Height: 120 mm
  • Base Circumference: 98 mm
  • Color: Black, White, (customizable with #RAL code)
  • Material: FE360 Steel, ABS Plastic
  • Screw Kit Included: 4 screws ISO 7380 M8*60, 4 self-locking nuts ISO 7040 M8, 1 hex key DIN911 SW4
  • Base Cover Included
  • Kensington Hole for Use with a Dedicated Anti-snatch Padlock
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