VESA 75/100 Medium PRO

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The new VESA 75/100 PRO, incorporated with a cutting-edge friction hinge, represents a significant advancement in mounting solutions for display and touch screen. The friction hinge is a specialized mechanism designed to provide professional-grade flexibility and adjustability. Unlike traditional mounting options, the friction hinge allows for smooth and precise adjustments, enabling users to easily position their displays at optimal viewing angles.

VESA 75/100 support installable on SNS-P# product series. Ideal for mounting displays and touchscreen monitors.

  • Product Code: SNS-V#200
  • Distance between main pole (SNS-P#) and VESA plate: 65 mm Monitor
  • Tilt: +104° / -40° VESA
  • Holes: 75/100
  • Display max weight: 15 kg
  • Color: Black, White, (customizable #RAL)
  • Material: Steel FE360, ABS Plastic”
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